Institut Laue-Langevin - participation of the Czech Republic

  • Important information for ILL users

Dear Colleague,
We are back in business at the ILL. Activities gradually resume on the site.

Staff are progressively coming back to work on site – about 150 people this week – to work on specific projects, like the second protein crystallography station, DALI, the installation of the H4 beam tube and key reactor maintenance, which must be completed this year, as well as prepare for the next reactor cycle.
Most staff however are still working from home.

The next reactor cycle will start on 11 August and will be scheduled assuming that users cannot come to ILL.
Experiments from the last two proposal rounds, for which samples can be sent and handled by ILL staff, will be given priority.
New software tools for remote instrument control and data treatment will be trialled during this cycle.

We will monitor the situation with respect to users being able to come to ILL for these experiments, which will depend mainly on travel conditions in Europe and the number of people that can be hosted on site.

Next reactor cycles:
- 11 August until 28 September (49 days).
- Three cycles in 2021 before the long shutdown

Autumn 2020 proposal round:
- Proposal deadline: 15 September 2020 (midnight central European time)
- Subcommittee meetings: 3-4 November 2020
- Scientific Council: 5-6 November 2020
- Accepted proposals will be scheduled in Spring 2021.

  • Next ILL proposal deadline: 
       - 17 February 2020 (midnight central European time)

  • Next ILL reactor cycles in 2020:
       - 9 January until 26 February 2020
       - 7 April until 4 June 2020

  • Some new statistics concerning Czech participation in ILL are now available in the Research Infrastructure tab 


  • 2nd neutron beer 
    Date: October 10, 2019 
    Place: OSSEGG Praha, Římská 2135/45, 120 00 Vinohrady 
    Speaker: Thomas Gutberlet, Jülich Centre for Neutron Science, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany 
    Talk: Neutrons for today and tomorrow – The HBS Project for compact accelerator based neutron sources 
    Participants: 25 participants (2 foreign)

  • Workshop "Modern Trends in Neutron Science under Pressure" 
    Date: September 3, 2019 
    Place: Hotel Duo Prague 
    3 invited speakers (Judith Peters, Institut Laue-Langevin, Thomas Keller, Max Planck Institute Stuttagart, Pau Jorba, TU Munich) 
    9 contributed speakers 
    Participants: 40 participants (30 foreign)

  • 1st neutron beer 
    Date: April 4, 2019 
    Place: OSSEGG Praha, Římská 2135/45, 120 00 Vinohrady 
    Speaker: Přemysl Beran, European Spallation Source, Lund, Sweden 
    Talk: How to brew a good BEER@ESS 
    Participants: 35 participants (3 foreign) 
  • The ILL-CZ user meeting and the Czech neutron community meeting 2018
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  • The annual meeting of the ILL-CZ International Advisory Board has been held on June 14, 2018.

  • The triple axis resolution workshop.
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  • Czech neutron community meeting 2017
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  • CENI meeting 2017
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  • International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES 2017)
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  • Czech neutron community meeting 2016
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